A spark is wonderful and, honestly, pretty evident at the beginning of a relationship. But, if you’ve been in a relationship for a long time (or perhaps, forever),  you might be aware that this spark can eventually fade. Well, if that’s the case with your love life, we can assure you that you are at the right place. Cheer up! We are here (just like always) to help you bring back the spark that keeps your relationship alive with your partner.

Here are some tried-and-proven ways for bringing back the spark in your relationship:

  • Have meaningful conversations

Having meaningful conversations will help you create a strong connection with your partner. Be a good listener (or perhaps, a smooth talker), hear their thoughts, beliefs and understand their point of view. Talking will bring your spouse closer to you or perhaps, even reinforce your faded bond.

  • Be non-judgemental

Being non-judgmental makes it easier for your spouse to open up to you. In the case of an arranged marriage, you might know very little about them. So, build a safe space where your partner can speak their mind without hesitation. For starters, try saying things like “You know you can confide in me, I won’t judge you”, and see how everything gets easier from there.

  • Understand their love language

Every person has a love language, and to get closer to your partner you need to know theirs. It can be anything like quality time, words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, or physical touch. Keep a close eye on how they react to certain things. Once you know what your partner’s love language is, find ways to connect accordingly.

  • Be curious about them

Getting to know their likes and dislikes will help you (big time!) You can also take the help from your spouse’s friends and families to know them better. For instance, you can find out your partner’s favorite meal, the kind of movie they like or the type of flowers they prefer with one of their pal’s help. Later, surprise them with it.

  • Have fun together

Make them laugh, have silly conversations. Mention funny things you saw on the television, online, or while you were out. Consider asking, “If you could be a superhero, who would you be?” or “If you were in a horror movie in which one would you survive? Or simply just plan a weekend picnic date together.

There will be times in your relationship when things get overwhelming, but hey, look at the bigger picture (always).  Keep your partner closer and make your life exciting (despite the challenges). You can also take lessons from ALTT Baarish web series.

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