The concept of women empowerment holds a special place in women’s hearts. It is the process of fighting for their dignity, respect, and rights. Although the battle seems neverending, the good news is we have come a long way. Today, many women are able to openly voice their opinions and make a difference in the world (even if it’s small). The baby steps that they’ve begun taking have essentially helped other women become stronger and bolder. So, if you’re ready to take a step too, here’s how you can do it:

We’ve come up with 7 ways that will help you empower other women around the world:

  • Encourage other women

To empower women, you need to be a good cheerleader. Celebrate their success and support them during hardships. Have healthy discussions to bring out the best in your fellow co-workers and see how well it turns out.

  • Validate her self-expression

Every woman is unique. They have different personalities, interests, and ways of thinking. So, if you see a woman who’s brave enough to embrace her individuality (just the way it is), the least you can do is acknowledge her.

  • Support women businesses

Whether she’s a single mother, a teenager, or a businesswoman, support her by simply spreading the word about her story. You can even help her financially or a joint collaboration (if the two of you share a similar vision).

  • Disagree without dismissing

You won’t always agree with one another. And it’s okay! Just make sure that you hear them out patiently and respect their ideas. After listening to them, voice your contrasting opinions or make suggestions to improvise on her current pitch. Remember dismissing their thoughts will only create ruckus and we know that’s the last you want!

  • Speak up about gender issues

Gender socialization is passed on right from birth. Don’t dwell on it. Instead, speak up about those regressive thoughts with your trusted female friends. The more people are educated about it, the better are the chances of not falling prey.

  • Prioritize Solitude

Women have always been taught to prioritize others over themselves, but who will tend to their needs? Well, in that case, encourage women to make time out for themselves. Make them pursue a new hobby, travel solo, or something as small as taking the day off.

  • Appreciate the women in your lives

If they are important to you, tell them! You can also shower them with praises and make them feel loved with the tiniest gestures.  Always remember when women empower other women, we all succeed!

Empowering women starts with you. Support the women around you by reminding them of their strength. You can witness the example of women’s empowerment in The Test Case web series. In the series, Defense Minister Shraddha Pandit (Juhi Chawla) helps Captain Shikha Sharma (Nimrat Kaur) follow her dream.

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