ANUSHKA SHARMA?! Kya sach mein? Vo bhi Who’s Your Daddy Season 2 mein? Arey arey, ruk jao, dosto. Batate hai, batate hai. Breathe. Ab thik hai? Thank god! May we present to you the newest addition to ALTT  family. Ye hai Anushka Sharma. YouTube wali! Best known for her active presence on digital channels, the young actress is seen essaying a pivotal role in ALTT Who’s Your Daddy Season 2.

Recently, ALTT revealed Anushka’s character, Kittu in Who’s Your Daddy 2 in a short video on their Instagram. They captioned, “Kittu hai college ki diva!

Usko chahiye Shooshan, aur Shooshan ko chahiye ek hi sawaal ka jawaab, ke kaun hai uska daddy?

Find out karne aa jaana ji 22nd December ko dekhne #WhosYourDaddy, season 2 on #ALTT.

About Anushka’s character in Who’s Your Daddy 2

Haaave you met the college Diva? Inka hai ek chand sa roshan chehra. Zulfon ka rang sunhera. Tareef kare kya uski jisne isse banaya. Ye hai Krutika. Oops! Pyaar se isse log Kittu bulate hai.

Here’s presenting to you Sukoon’s biggest rival- Kittu- Prem ho ya beauty ye sabmein Sukoon se agge hai. Par phir sochne ki baat toh ye hai ki kyun Sukoon har baar baazi maar jati hai? This time around, the popular miss Diva has come with a plan. Not even Sukoon can come in her way! Brace yourselves as Kittu is here to spruce things up in the web series (for the hottie that she is!) 😉 Dekhne mein toh maza aane wala hai, boss. But what is her master plan? Now, that only her luck and time will tell..Hmm, interesting!

About Who’s Your Daddy Season 2

Ek kahani. Uska sabse bada confusion. Who’s Shooshan’s daddy? Par kaun kar paega ye mystery solve? Will Kittu help Shooshan look for his father? Will it bring her closer to Shooshan? Uff, too many questions. Well, the story in itself is big suspense!

Starring Bhavin Bhanushali, Sameeksha Sud, Anushka Sharma, Lata Shukla, Heer Kaur, and other celebrities, this latest web series is a young chap’s roller-coaster ride to find his dad. Unlike the first season, the story focuses on the present and not the past. Matlab ye baar no flashbacks? Ji haan, zara bhi nahi! Get ready to witness the funniest and chaotic life of Shooshan without his daddy. It’s time!

Watch WYD 2

Ye samay hai aise kahani ka jaha confusion hi confusion hai. Aur thodi pyaar bhari nok jhok ka. Ye hai Who’s Your Daddy Season 2 web series. Dekhne ke liye download ALTT and never stop streaming the show. The good news is that it charges only 80 paisa every day. Now, how amazing is that no? Hurry, go get it RN. You cannot miss it, bro!

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