Be honest with yourself. Have you really moved on? Or are you still holding onto the memories of your ex? Hey, it is natural to miss someone who was once a crucial part of your life. Getting over someone is hard if you are stuck with the past. And it’s time to figure out why you can’t come to terms with the hard-hitting reality. Let’s find out:

Here are the top 6 signs that help you understand why your ex is still affecting you:

  • You’re Angry And Guilty

Are you mad at the way things ended? Does it still boil your blood? Do you regret your actions? Well, pent-up emotions and inner turmoil can build up anger and frustration that can hamper your future relationships. So, the best thing to do is get over those mixed emotions and clear the air between the two of you. Get that closure, bud!

  • You Compare Your Current Dates To Your Exes

Doing so will stop you from exploring love elsewhere. Every individual has a different personality and you need to see them as they are. Don’t be biased! Pre-determined judgments will only ruin your chances of meeting potential partners.

  • You’re Trying To IsolateYourself

After the breakup, you might want to take all the time you need. But, it’s normal! Take enough time to heal. Do what makes you feel alive. You can re-connect with your friends and family and cover-up for the lost time. Another great idea is working on your self-confidence.

  • You’re Under The Pressure Of Staying Friends With Your Ex

Being on good terms with your ex is great but sometimes it’s best to wait till you get rid of your harsh feelings. Go for it only when you think you are truly ready to have them back (as a friend). Don’t put yourself under the pressure of being friends with them right after the breakup. Take your time!

  • You’re Missing Them

After you break up, you will feel lost. You will perhaps start wondering how to get over a relationship with the void? Well, the secret is by focusing on yourself, taking up an art class, reading a book or cooking your favorite meal.

  • Stalking Your Exes

When you invest your energy into staging accidental run-ins and stalking their social media, you have not come to terms with the breakup. So, how to forget someone you love? One way to do this is by blocking them on social media accounts. Also, avoid meeting them in person until you’re ready and healed.

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